How To Be Omnipresent In The Real Estate Market

You make money dealing with people, checking up on buyers, influencing sellers, making an impression and befriending estate agents and brokers; if not directly, then indirectly. If you are a people person and you know what makes a person tick or how to be persuasive while upholding your charm, then kudos- you are cut out for the real estate world if you are already in it, that is. The law is simple- you have the right tactics, you land the big fish. Most of the skills are instinctive for some people but that doesn’t mean they cannot be acquired. Getting the best deals and most referrals certainly take time, experience and a great deal of input. However, you can accelerate the process if you are consistent enough to integrate the following techniques in your interactions: 1. Show that you care It is essential that you follow up on clients. Not just clients but people in general. Talk to the buyers in your area about the kind of property they are interested in. Pay close attention to details. This will set you apart from other contenders in the bloc. When you check out a property, get up close and personal with it. Bring it up fondly in conversations so people would know you are passionate about what you do and actually know what you are doing. Maintain a database of your contacts. Make sure you give them a call once in a while to check up on them and their pursuit of a suitable place. They have to remember you to be able to refer you to other people. Make them want to trust you. Build strong connections Once you know the kind of place your potential buyers are interested in, scan the area yourself first to avoid wasting time of your clients. Ask the right questions. Produce appropriate suggestions. Nothing is more effective than the word of mouth referral. You close a successful transaction, and you never know how many more you get through this same source. Keep tabs on property sales. Reach out to real estate sellers. Never underestimate the power of a phone-call. It might just turn a seller’s life around. And ultimately- yours. 3. Market yourself Market yourself and not the property. A real estate agent is like an instrumentalist of a grand orchestra, executing a million things all at once. Setting the pace, adjusting the pitch, generating leverage for the next note… an agent is a salesman, a negotiator, an advocate, a shrewd businessman and a calculating analyst all at once. So announce yourself always. The odds of landing a deal right there could be great for all you know. In fact one real estate agent grabbed a deal in the most unexpected of circumstances. He was caught speeding late night. So he happened to mention to the cops that he was a real estate agent, to which the cop responded that he had parents who were planning to sell their house. This person got the cop’s name from the speeding ticket, looked up his parents and struck a conversation with them. He got the listing and sold their house in a week. Deal sealed. So point being, everyone has to know what you do for a living. 4. Online presence Make your own webpage and maintain it. This is another way to let people know you at a glance. Update it on a daily basis and post all your deals there for interested people. Present yourself and your work in a way that would turn people from mere browsers to potential clients. So even when you are not working, your page still works as a portal to direct people your way. Maintain a blog. Write about your boosts and busts and memorable moments. This would give people a chance to know the person you are behind the agent façade and less of a stranger. Engage with your audience and make them feel involved. It will build up trust and you will see the results in the run if not immediately. 5. Advertise Do not refrain from advertising shamelessly. Whichever medium works best for your niche- launch it. Integrate your online content with social media so that it spreads to whoever it may concern. Post statuses regarding your work life so everyone knows exactly what you are involved in, and post them in a way that makes people feel emotionally connected. So even if they are not the ones dabbling in real estate themselves, they would refer you to those who are. Remember, it’s all about making an impact. And not just an impact, but a lasting one at that. The variables in your equation to fame are people. Deal with them right and you are bound to get your projected output.